JWD: Killing Heat (2012)

Where to start?? Just wanna talk about what im listening to, what im drinking and how many i have left.

So this is a Norwegian (my country), microbudget_so-called tribute/parody to the action movies of the 80’s (mostly American ones of cours)_filmed on location in Thailand. Nothing cool happens really, before after 52 minute or so into the movie; when the Thai_redneck-thugs starting to show up in their pick-up’s with their guns and amo and shit. Three heavy drinking, well builed blougs are on a sex-vacations in Thailand-who are speaking english in that funny Norwegian acsent. One of the buddies finds himself weaking up to a terrible hangover out in the middle of nowhere. BANG BANG BANG!!!

Well, at least the cover-art is fucking badass as hell, i whould wear a T-shirt with that motive on it. But the movie was a total drag, dude! I mean, yo!! I had kinda high hopes for this one, really did-the cover art kinda promises you the whole world. I of cours didnt’ expect ‘Comando’, ‘Missing In Action’ or even ‘American Ninja’, but i did expect alot more then what this disc had to offer. It’s my second ‘Wildeye Releasing’-letdown in a row, but you could still give it try, you’re not me and you might just like it