Review: Secrets of a Call Girl (1973)

Sounds like a cheap and sleazy exploitation, but it wasn’t! “What? Don’t we get to see Edwige Fenech nude???”, you might ask. Relax. Of course you will!

dvd“SECRETS OF A CALL GIRL” (Anna, quel particolare piacere)

Director: Giliuano Carnimeo
Stars: Edwige Fenech, Corrado Pani, Richard Conte
Distributor: No Shame
Runtime: 95 mins

“The oven was ready, but the chicken escaped.”


Anna is a young waitress that gets charmed by the bullying gangster, Guido. He takes her to Milan, and soon she’s caught in a web of prostitution and murder. She manage to escape to Rome where she gives birth to a baby boy. When the kid grows older, Anna fall in love with a doctor, and it seems like the three of them will live happily ever after. But soon Guido tracks them down and abducts Anna yet again to a life of prostitution in Milan. Will she manage to escape for the second time?


A different kind of euro-crime, that’s more on the romantic side of a drama/tragedy. Good to see Fenech as more than a nice body and a victim. More substance to a plot where you actually do care about the characters. The melancholic score is also one of the best I’ve heard for a long time. Definitely worth a watch!