JWD: The Incredible Melting Man (1977)

Like a lost twin of Dr.Fraidesten (House By The Cemetery) or The Toxic Avenger turned evil.

A melting escaped radioactive patient; an astronaut that was exposed to severe radioation and the only surviver on a vesil to Saturn, is raising hell back on earth and eating people to try to slow down his melting process.

I put on my rap_playlist, but ended up listening to the lyrics as always. So i just put on ‘Municapal Waste’ insted, you probably know the deal by now. A fucking cool b-movie, man, believe me gye! Beer-Pressure! I could go into the different characters and shit, but im just not there tonight, bro’. But it’s a darn cool b-flick if you ask me, melting shit and all! Wife; «What do you mean, is he radioactive»? Husband; «A little».. Well, the acting isnt’ all that, it’s all SO serious, but i still ended up liking a few of the dudes_well for the most part ‘General Perry’, who enjoys cold turky with a few beers. Ended up liking that old-boy; ‘Genral Perry, he’s buddy-material. But overall; a very suspenseful, well-edited b-movie with nice shots, atmospheric soundtrack and nostalgic-like locations. And i felt with the radioactive dude; Steve, who loses an arm and stuff. Well, shit dude, this is a cool one. Just watched the Blu-Ray version from Arrow.

«So we dont have any crackers»?