JWD: Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

Safely home again with a beer in my hand_Breznak from the Crezk Republic. Yesterday i was back in my home town with my old pals Mathias and Ketil-getting shitfaced, listening to alot of music and showing my boys this early 80’s slasher (golden cheese).

The lovely or let us just get down and dirty and say it as it is; the extremly fuckable teen girl; ‘Trish’ is home alone for the weekend while her folks is out of town. Perfect for throwing a slumber-party, haveing some beers and smoking some weed…dont you think!? All her girls are hotties, i mean like damn!! And their’ gyes are really somthing_really cheesy you know, but so much fun, love those gyes! To bad there is a driller-killer on the loose though, an escaped mental-patient and mass murdered named; Russ Thorne. But luckly the girls have a sort of a gardian; the awkwardly funny neighbor; Mr…something, who has agreed to look after the girls and who looks like a thirthy year old with a gray wig to make him to look a little older-ish you know. He’s not that much of a help though, but very very nosey. Hmm…must be the young girls with little clothes on i guess. But he’s chessy in an cool way, so i really like the gye_as with more or less every character in this cult-classic. The soundtrack is moody and fits perfectly, the gore is really damn cool and it has a pretty desent bodycount. A perfect early 80’s slasher with a suitable thoung-in-cheekness. Seen it three or four times now and it’s really one of my favorit slasher movies. The seaquals are fucking badass as well and can be bought in a tripple dvd set from Scream Factory realesed in 2010, the set might be on blu-ray too_if the it’s not out of print allready. It can also be found as a singel release of course.