JWD: Malibou Express (1985)

I was sort of expecting more action-of the more gory kind.

‘Malibu Express’ is one the most awkward b-movies i’v ever seen and i mean like..WOW!! What a naive movie! Must be the the first and last time i’ll ever get to see a soft porn-ish love- scene to the soundtrack of ‘Wildwood Flower’. Our main dude; Cody (Darby Hinton), is supposed to be a ladies man and a supposed to be Texas-cowboy detecive (with out a southern dialect) who is surrounded by random out-of-place rednecks and a very good actually- country music soundtrack. He’s supposed to be very sexy_cos’ all he has are titts and ass on his face. Yes, one lucky bastard! Oh shit, what do i care, and what do you care. Im so drunk right now, it’s so late and here im listening to David Allan Coe. I just cant get over it; this meaningless, though sharming movie_that is much more of a murder/mystery movie with a more or less involuntary comcial appraoach, than the action movie that i was expecting it to be-which is just filled with really good country and roots music. Problem is though; the soundtrack dosnt’ fit the movie at all-it’s like huge a cultural crash. My favorit girl; that racing gal, June, with that cute face, blond hair and fucking jiggeling yummy titts-i just wanna fuck all these girls brains out, nothing more-i really need to fuck more! Bitches! Fun 80’s b-movie…nothing more, and never will be. And Cody by the way, was a sort of fun character,_didnt’ hate him and i didnt love him. Directed by Andy Sidaris, who directed the jaw-dropping cheesefest ‘Hard Ticket To Hawai’ (1987)