JWD: Kemper: The CoEd Killer (2008)

A very loosly based movie on the american serial killer Edmund (‘Ed’) Kemper, who brutaly murdered about ten people in the sixties and seventies, mostly attractive young female hitchickers.

In this movie, the character that is ‘Ed Kemper’, works illegaly for the police as a highly skilled profiler (but with out the nesesary schooling) and helps the police catch serial killers. The singel Ed, who lives with his crule mother, are friends with the cop how are one of the main-characters in the movie, a famile dude_with a wife at least. Their friendship are abruptly ended by the cop, ‘Harris’, when it’s reveled that Ed is the brutal serial killer they have been on trail for all along_with Ed always one step ahead of the police.

Cool cinematic kills, but an extreamly thin movie when it comes to being an ‘Ed Kemper’_movie and most of the acting is very flat as well_even though it manage to make us sympatise for ‘Kemper’ a bit, when we get to learn his tragic life story.