JWD: Derailed (2002)

Jean Claude Van Damme is a secret agent sent on a hasty misson to Slovacia to save a female colleague, which he dont’ not know personly by the way_but who turns out to be a real hottie and made your’s truly very horny.

But it turnes out that Van Damme’s character is a married man to a real tight-ass, but they are in really love with each other and it tells and they have two kids together; age twelve and sixteen or somthing. Oh fuck the room is spinning alittle_listening to Rune Rudberg, not knowing what to write at the moment. But, anyway; ‘Derailed is huge fucking cheesefest! As B- as it can possible get and the awkwardness is like fuck, dude. It’s cool and shit and Van Damme always give it 150% of him self, he truly does_but there was somthing about this movie that is so extremly, unforgivably chessy. A slightly fun action flick and i recognized at least one more actor; a poorly perfromed Texas milloner that Van Damme’s character meets on a train and i recognized him as one of the sliding-bullies from ‘Silent Night-Deadly Night’ (1984). OK, ok,_really gotta call it a night. I love Van Damme and there is somthing really magical about the man, come on; you know it… I know it. But this movie was just kinda, well…crap. But oddly enough; sligthly ejoyabel as well.