JWD: Cannibal Campout (1988)

Forth or fifth time i see this flick! Drunk each time.

Having my last beer of the evening and listening to Insane Poetry. It’s been a long-ass movie night; taking pisses, getting another beer every fifteen minuets. Going upstairs_getting a piece of ass from my lovely lady…it’s hard being a drunken b-movie/famile dude.

The ultimate backwoods Shot-On-Video_slasher/splatter. Sick spessial effects, damn hot 80’s-babes! Good (swedish) beer, awesome locations, 80’s nostalgia and a really cool moody minimalistic soundtrack. And soooo American, with that sleazy snuff-like and dirty horrorcore feeling. A horror favorit of mine and what ever happend to that hot blond chick (so fucking nice looking)?? Im interested in that whole cast. Fuckin’ Jon Mcbride!! Camp Motion Pictures!!

The story is simple; four young people ventures in to the woods and stumble upon a familie of three inbred cannibalistic brothers (one of them being a mutated Toxic Avenger look-alike). Every character and person in this quite obscure, but legendary movie has their charm and cheesyness and so does the whole setting of the movie as well. If you are not familiar with ‘shot-on-video’, im quite sure you havent’ seen anyting like this.

The backwoods 80’s American cannibal flick you’ve always wanted to see. The horror movie you been looking for all your’ life! What more is it to say really…alot i guess, but im getting kinda drunk here. Gotta lay down. Fucking listening to Insane Poetry!