JWD: Burnt Offerings (1976)

What is it with Martin Hauge and haunted house movies, i mean im all over ‘House By The Cemetery’ and shit.

But anyway, this Haunted House movie stars our favorit drunk; Oliver Reed, in an apparently quite sober performence, in a very desent and well produced ghost-house movie of the 70’s. But why it’s haunted, it’s kind of a question, and we never really see the ghosts, it’s more like it’s demonised, of the really really creepy and fathal kind. And the wife, what a tease_cant’ really remember her name, but she does have a familiar face and she made my jeans fit extra good. I liked her face, her curly lenght hair and her kind of squinting eyes and her house -wifeness. That’s fucking hot, i love wives!! But yeah, it’s creppy shit, very suspenseful and the charecter-development are really up there «and you know you coused it all by telling lies». «I still hear your sea winds blowing». Sorry-listening to country music. And the famile reliations kinda hurts, but at the same time it’s also pretty chessy; like the the aunty’s sudden funeral. Sorry my good friends, signing of; Towns Van Zandt is in my ear now and i got half a beer-can left which will probably be empty in another 30 sec’ or so. Had myself another fine beer-movie night. Lets kiss!