JWD: Black Belt Jones (1974)

Blaxploitaion night with a bunch of buddies…nha, i dont’ have many of those around, but i’v had a bunch beers and still drinking, my son!

So, Black Belt Jones is hired by the police office or some shit, to stop some italian mobsters. But it’s complicated, gotta piss a bit and get a beer while listening to Hex Rated right now…like you give a flying fuck, my dude! There is some black-Dojo and shit, who’s beefing with another gang of blacks, who get’s mixed up with the Italians-who’s also beefing with the djojo, so it’s alot of beefing_what can i say. Right now it’s Sicktanick! Mental Ward, bitch! Yes, im pushing 34 and im turning horrorcore,-Juggalo like a bitch. Usually im not much of a spoiler gye and not tonight either. I would really like to fuck the tough hot black chick. Other than that it’s quite awkwardly cheesy, though with some quite cool video-violence (not heavy) and i fell in love with the 70’s slumish urban locations (like i always do)-it’s a wasteland of it’s own you know-whould love to get high and drunk in that gutter (wonder how long it would take for me to get mugged and killed down there though). An ok blaxploitation flick, but of the extreamly cheesy kind, which dosent’ exactly lack big portions of bad acting or crappy editing.