JWD: The House on Cuckoo Lane (2014)

Just knew i would dig this flick.

m listening to Dark Half; there, no more drama about my music listening. Rest In peace young Geno Cult-Shit …

It’s like this movie is based on my own mentality, it’s my fucking story..
A horror collecting geek is seeking out the most wanted item of his life; the legendary, but more or less impossible tape to get your hands on; an urban legend, the snuff tape; ‘The House On Cuckoo Lane’. The main character is a huge b-movie geek_he consumes alot of alchol while watching his gem’s, he’s in his own insane bubble of ‘getting out of hands’-geekness and his loving girlfriend who is really his spine in his life, dosnt’ get much at all of his attention_it’s going down the toilet. And suddenly he finds himself trapped in his own snuff video; which i take as a metaphore of his own life and mental health. It’s well shot, very ok acted, ok music and a very cool story. Fuck, this is my third attempt on writing down a review on this gem; my laptop is broken, it’s late, im drunk, so i guess im closing of. This here movie is the first ‘WildEye Realesing’ flick i’v ever seen by the way. And yeah; it’s fucking British and it couldnt’ possibly get any cooler! It sort of gave of vibs of alot cool horror movies i love, including the TROMA movie ‘Combat Shock’, allright; that’s not an horror movie, but a strong film about peronal deacy. It also reminded me a little of some early Olaf Ittenbach stuff and could i be so bould to asume a little Jon Mcbride inspirations as well?? It’s clear that this ‘shot-on-video’ has taken inspirations from other and earlier (thrashy) horror-goodies, but it’s still very original and self-confident. You gotta see this one! And talk about a killer cover-art!

I whould like to dedicating this «review» to Jorge Antonio Lopez, who used to run ‘StrictlySplatter.com’ with his old filmmaking buddy, Josè Prendes.