JWD: Sharknado 2 (2014)

Well, YO!!, checking out the oldschool Trash-band; Whiplash! Slupring my last beers you know. I hope you’re not tired, hearing about that crap, i hope you really enjoy this page!

I was not expecting to like this movie very much, and i really didnt’. Well, what is more right to say is that i wasnt’ expecting that much of entertainment value-guess im in a sort of critical state of mind these days. Of cours it is a true-ass chesse-fest, but it still had a peculiar tone that redused my mocking smile a little and made me consider biting my nails insted-it was actually a little suspencful…a little.

L.A surfer-star, Fin (I just googled him-i of course remember him from ‘Beverly Hill 90210’ and he is already above 50-damn he holds together good i must say), who saved his home town from a sharknado must do it again_but this time it’s New York. And his steriotypical ex-wife from the first movie (Tara Reid), with her naging, spessial_almost crying persona do not let us down here either, not even in the Big Apple. I mean, she’s good, she got alot of emotions, i guess it’s her thing. It actully makes me wanna take care of her, sweet gal. But Fin (Ian Ziering) also has an ex-girlfriend in New York, from his younger days; a very nice and tempting black woman with a great big ass and hips that made me fall in love. What a great woman-merry me! There are actually alot of hotties in ‘Sharknado-2’, though they are all apparently in their 40’s and above,-mmmm nice nice ladies! Another stupid Sharknado-movie, but it is never the less entertaining. It’s a fun one time watch.