JWD: Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1 (2013)

Was walking over to my dad-in-law’s farm to check his dog and take her for a little walk in the middle of the Norwegian winter, well late february. And he happend to have beer in his fridge..

But im back home now and i didnt’ pop any of his beers. Having my last one now, while listening to ‘Dance With The Dead’.

My second viewing of this TROMA flick. Im pretty drunk now, as i was the first time i saw it, little over a year ago. But i was interruped while being totaly in the TROMA moodset (Tromatised), by terrible news on tv. Let’s not get into that now, but it totaly ruined my TROMAtic atmosphere. So that movie-night was actully ruined. But tonight i’v given the dvd a second spin.

So, it’s Tromaville go eco and shit and the old nuclear-power plant has been torn down and built on top of it is the new; ‘Tromorganic Foodstuffs Conglomerate’. Two lespo-bloggers, enemies at first, with insanely gorgoues bodies-finds this to be no less worrying then when Tromaville had the nuclear-power plant up and running. And not befor long, Tromaville-High has another gang of Cretins to worry about. Hmm…could this be becouse of the ‘Tromaorganic Foodstuffs Conglomerate’?? Another well made and typical production by the TROMA-Team in the true tradition of ultimate lame over the top awkward and puculiar dark humor, fantastic gore-shots and all sorts of TROMA-craziness. And of course; the rocking iconic theme song; «What’s Going On, at Nuke Em High»!! Before i forget my ass and call it a night, i gotta mention once again the two hot 20’s-somthing lespos in the hottest sex-scene i’v ever seen in a motion picture. While also the now late (and dearly missed) grandfather of trash metal; LEMMY from Motörhead is the president of the United States of America, Lemmy was a dear friend of director and president of TROMA-Entertainment; Lloyd Kaufman (Uncle Lloydie). A cool prolog/intruduction also, by a huge comic book legend. NO, im not telling!! Ok; it’s fuckin STAN LEE! Other stuff i’ve notised which was pretty cool; the word ‘Juggalo’ is spoken and the female Cretins gang-member is wearing a BATHORY backpatch on her vest.

TROMA-movies of the future.