JWD: Rebel Scum (2015)

I just wrote a fucking nice long review on this really really rad documentary and i fucking erased it-beeing a drunk myself. So here it goes-i really gotta to bed, being the family dude that i am and shit. But hell, i just knew this whould be my shit.

We follow ”the true GG Allin of the south”; Christopher Scum and his quite unheard of punk band; ‘The Dirty Works’ and the rest of the band members we also get to learn to know and love-during this film. They all come from the gutter, really and the band is sort of a melting pot of; feudes, alcholism, the drummer being a family man, and Christopher Scum being a junkie on morphine and metadon, while trying not to drink for the last twenty years. And Scum being the actual worse and he probably is the most fucked up ‘Dirty Worker’ in the band, though the rest of the drunks are acting like total assholes themselves, though it’s clear they are filled with alot of shit and demons in their personal lifes as well, just like Scum-and it was kinda like i was watching my closest buddies really, that i grew up with, it has that kind of feel to it. There was another group in this doc, i dont’ remember the name, but one of their members has a sort of rock ‘n’ roll philosopher’s approach, and though being some what musically divided, he spoke the warmest words about ‘The Dirty Works’ and gave the first twenty minuets or so a really cool viewing-angle so to speak

Well, The life of Christopher Scum is a tradic one, filled with violence, history of mental illness and substance abuse-which i felt i could releate to! But that’s nothing i guess, to what whould happend to him in 2015; when he lost his girlfriend through twenty years in a horrible car-crash, while him self survives with severe burns (and no, it was not the couple’s fault). I’v heard alot of good shit about this film and i ended up being blown away as well. For what it’s worth; i started listening to the ‘Dirty Works’ a short while before i saw the film and their music is sort of in the same style as; ‘GG Allin’, ‘The Murder Junkies’, ‘Poison Idea’ and their fellow southerners in; ‘Antiseen’. A down-right awesome documentary from ‘WildEye Relasing’, and if you feel like checking out similar documentaries, i can recomend; ‘Hated: GG Allin & The Murder Junkies’ (1993), ‘Jesco White: The Dancing Outlaw’ (1991) and ‘The Wild And Wonderful Whites Of West Virginia’ (2009). You really dont’ have to love punk rock to enjoy this film, but you do need to appreciate good documentary-film making.