JWD: Phobia (2013)

Yo, bitch!! Slurping my last beers and listening to some horrorcore-wicked shit; KGP!!

Been watching another ‘i.t.n distribution’ flick. A minimalistic, (which is more or less always the case when it comes to ‘i.t.n distribution’), psychological horror film that sort of made me think of the classic horror movie; ‘Pet Semetery’, but maybe even more a Norwegian psychological horror film which is tittled; ‘Naboer’ (Neigbors) from 2005. A young man is suffering bad from phobia of open places and isolated him self in his apartment after he survied a car crash where his extreamly shaggable young curly headed wife ,at least in my eyes, unforunately was killed. It’s fucking sad, it’s a sad story. I of course cant’ remember our main-dude’s name, but i truly felt his struggle, i feelt sorry for him and i liked the dude. The few characters that are in this gem are well performed. The story and the editing are good, and the camera shots are pretty effective. Though i still think it has a very cartoonish approache. It’s creepy, but what makes it cartoonish is the overdubbed-Ā«over demonisedĀ» voice of the house ghost (or is it just his mental illness). This kinda drags the movie down a little in my opinion and makes it somewhat involuntary comical. A worty one time watch at least, with some beers on a weekends night or some shit like that and it was better then what i first thought it would be. Verdict; see it.