JWD: Microwave Massacre (1983)

So this movie actully existed, thought i might have dreamt it…(sweet dreams are made of…i mean killed by this)..

A black goofy cannibalistic horror-comedy i have heard lot’s of bad shit about, but hey; it worked for me! It even made me laugh, and im an angry son of a bitch! Donald (the late, but charismatic actor; Jackie Vernon) is an ageing construction worker in his fifties who havn’t had any pussy, tits or ass in about 15 years and he’s in a hateful marriage with his slobby gray and naging wife and i could kinda relate to him…im a construction worker too (well…welder, anyway). So on night he comes home drunk from the bar, takes a leak (in the fireplace) and then starts to slice and dice and he ends up putting her in her beloved microwave and BOOM; he got him self an cannibal-addiction. And free of his ball and chain he get’s sexually active again, only that he’s gotten the taste for female human flesh (the little more fresher kind, then that of his wife). And at work, his co-workers (and steriotypical buddies), also get’s the appetite for Don’s new delicacies-as they snap the meat out his hands during lunch break. An overplayed campy and enjoyable b-horror comedi with amusable characters. The gore? Well, not that much at all-a little though, but lot’s of limbs. Yeah, i liked it; a true guilty pleasure to have some beers with!