JWD: Home Movie (2008)

Parenting…what a bitch!

Poor back up story, which is typical for ‘found-footage’ movies. ‘And that’s what it is ya’-that’s what it is’; a found footage horror film. A couple in their thirties-something with their twins, age ten, has moved into this house out in the woods. And their kids grow more and more creepy the more the family get settled (and eventualy dangerous). The dad, a preacher man, who annoyingly always goofes around while having fun with his wife’s camera_which she uses for her psychiatric-work and making his own ‘Home Movie’, is doing this apparently to deal with his own inner demons; which is alchol and being abused as a child. The mom by the way, i cant just let it slide, she’s kinda hot_with glasses on and shit. And before we get to dirty here, let’s just say i’d really like to spank that butt…to say the least…repeatedly. But anyway, it’s kind of a messy story really and it’s very simple and the first part or so of the movie just got me really annoyed with it’s simple overplayedness and Soooo found-footage approach. But after a while i was buying it a little more and the parents is starting to realise that there is somthing really wrong here. In the same tradition as ‘The Children’ (2008); ‘Home Movie’ is a quite unsettlig horror movie that builds up and has an uneasy undertone that is always there, though it also has an unstable simplicity that didnt’ fool me…much…just a little. Even though it’s all very simple, i did eventualy started to feel more for the characters as they developed and got some depth to them, at least the parents. The boy just really kinda annoyed me. But the movie worked for me. At least for a one time watch, didnt’ hate it.