JWD: Carnivore (2000)

Had a very pleasant night; enjoyiong cheese-doodles (not Coolduder, that whould have been great though, and i dont mean sexualy_ i mean having him here with me, as my movie-buddy…one of my fantasies ) and five 50 cl bottles of ERDINGER, which im running out of any time soon now_a christmas gift from dad-in-law, who has teached me how to be a man…or at least he has tried to.. he’s truly old school (a dying breed), which means alot of good help.

I was very positivly surpised by this creature feature_horror flick. It was actually shoot between 1989 and 1991, but was not released before the year 2000. Dont ask me why no one wanted to release it, cos’ it’s damn cool! I was really enjoying myself! The story is very thin and ‘local’ as i sometimes like to put it. A govermental experiment gone wrong (oh, you dont say..) and a hairy killer-creature is unleashed, well sort of, he likes his house. And this certain house of course is rumord in the nearby neighborhood to be hunted and shit. So a group of mullet-infected late 80’s youths decides to spend the night, including steriotypes likes for example the dry-cunt who is soooo hard to get, but still one of the mullet-fellows wearing a yellow singlet keeps trying just as hard to get in her pants. Shit! Out of ERDINGER, but that last sip just gave me an extra high, and the movie has freakin’ cool locations (and a nocturnal house). It got a moody minimalistic soundtrack, quite impressive editing, suprisingly cool gore_loved it! Very cool gore by the way (for being a movie as low-budget as this one)! And the creature is fucking badass as well, yes, enjoyed this movie alot! Seek it out man, a late 80’s obscurity that really should be seeked out by 80’s horror_geeks! Was listening to ‘Dance With Dead’ while writing this ‘review’, just to sink more into the 80’s horror movie nostalgia.