JWD: Blood Slaughter Massacre (2013)

A homage to the 80’s-slashers from ‘Wildeye Releasing’ and an extreamly long one. It’s a cool gem all the way, but with a very twisted story and i was getting drunker and drunker. At the end of the movie i was so tired that i finaly fell asleep, even though i didnt’ want to.

I really liked what i was watching, but the story though, was all so twisted, and deep and i just had a little trouble paying attention. I think i might have have got it, but im not sure you know, sorry about that!

Other then that; it’s a very charming and well done shot-on-video slasher with a huge body-count and interesting and steriotypical characters in a passionate and parodic 80’s universe. Wish i got it at the end though, but it was just too late at night, i’v had alot of beers and yeah, i fell a sleep (though i tried to re-wiend it; but i figure i just had to get some sleep_and i havent’ even poped another beer while writing this ‘review’-i’v only had Cheez Cruncherz. But maybe tomorrow night, i might have time to re-watch what i didnt catched to night…with a couple of beers again, who knows..how bout’ tea.. An incredibly rad tribute to the 80’s-slashers and some titles that poped up in my head are; ‘Halloween’ ( yeah, yeah, yeah …late 70’s), ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’, and fucking ‘Slumber Party Massacre’! Highly enjoyable and very recomendable. I whould watch it again. A few ‘Canibal Campout’- vibes to it as well, when i come to think about it.