JWD: Trigger Man (2007)

I┬ájust HATED the opening song…yeah!

Three dudes who are buddies, city boys, travles out of the city, not that far though; they are expected back in the city later that night. Our boys goes hunting in the woods, well the bushes is more correctly, but there is still deers there and they got beer dude, so gotta love that. It all ends up in a desperat game of survival without a any plot or reason, just random terrifying carnage. And this looks nothing more to me then a ‘Shoot On Video’-flick, which i love and that’s great, but im not sure if that was director, Ti West’s vision. It’s like the whole bitch was filmed on a home video; zooming in, zooming out_an ear there, a chin there_shacking the camera, like fuck and shit! The pals are suddenly shot at, close to an abonded indutrial place which looks nothing like i’v ever seen before. It sure didnt look American to me, more like some sceary place that could be locaded somewhere in Eastern Europe or some place like that. But never the less a facinating place where i recon many youngsters must have used as their local place to heng over the years. Havent’ seen lots of Ti West’s work, i might have seen ‘Cabin Fever 2’ and one of his short films and i know he has done ‘House Of Devil’ and ‘The Innkeepers’ (I have those on dvd, but havent’ got around to check em’ out yet). He has also made some other titles in more resent years that looks kinda interesting to me. He’s movie ‘Trigger Man’, though, is what it is i guess. A pretty pointless movie, but an entertaining beer-ride, if you can stand three gyes in the woods who just walks around with very little to say.