JWD: The Taint (2011)

Im a BIG TROMA fan, but i gotta be honest and tell you that this gem is oh so fucking…pretty OK!

A pretty short gem, about 70 min long and judging after the the first 20 min or so, it looked to me to be all just total wack (like most of my reviews). I was still giggling, no that’s what little girls do…and FAGS, bro’, but i was kinda laughing along to the utter lame stupid shit and enjoying the gore which is cool through out this whole movie. But after the first 20 min or so, the movie moved up a notch in coolness. It is gore everywhere… and lameness. It’s post apocalyptic, about a decaying society where men only wants to fuck women, or in this case; bash thire’ fucking faces in and cumming with their super-dicks…yeah, a pretty easy movie to follow, but with a back up story on the outbreak, the virus and shit. And as in many TROMA movies, there are heavy political undertones. This movie could upset the so-called metrosexuals, angry feminists with vaginal-dryness or soccer moms who rather wants to get offended on facebook insted of give their’ man some head. Right now im throwing down the rest of my my beers, while listening to some classic Tankard and Municable Waste! And yeah, almost forgot; loved the asian guy, he made me laugh fucking hard.