JWD: Subspecies (1991)

Alot in this cult-classic was (to me at least) like watching a collaberation between Lucio Fulci and Lamberto Bava doing a Full Moon Feature. See what i mean, that would been cool wouldnt’ it?

A verry interesting setting and shit. Boy, im really drunk here. SoME American bitches and thire friend are checking out castles and shit, wjicg woould.

SOBER UPDATE: This is how IĀ found this so-called review late in the night. I was wasted out of my skull. No, not really_i was slightly drunk, but really tired and fell asleep on the sofa next to the laptop and i just had to crawl of to bed. So we’ll just finnish of this review soberly.

Three American female friends travles to Romania to visit their Romanian girlfriend. They used to studie together and the place they are staying in is non other then the capital of the vampires; Transilvania. On their arival, strange things is starting to happen (of course). The plot is pretty much built around a fullblooded vampire with evil-intentions, the new dark-lord of some hidden and never talked about castle ruins, who has an hansome half-brother that is also half-human, who as thire commen father, really dont wish to hurt humans_ but they still have to follow their instincts to survive. Talk about a bad time to fall in love with some american girl! This Full Moon Feature, had a more serious undertone then what im used to when i pop in one of their films with a trusty six-pack by my side. The autumnal locations of the Romanian countryside, including all the castle ruins are super badass, it’s verry well edited and the the atmospheric soundtrack couldnt’ be more Full Moon-ish, all though im not sure if Charles Band had anything to do with that score. It’s a an extreamly cool vamprie movie if you ask me, some of it even gave me a little Jean Rollin vibs as well, just the way i prefere my vampire-movies and that whole Romanian and European concept, made it a different Full Moon experience. Really liked it!