JWD: Rabid Dogs (1974)

One of the last breaths of the grand Italian master; Mario Bava.

A brutal and merciless euro-crime effort, that is kind of an hybrid with the thriller and road-movie genres and with an rape&revenge approach to it as well, even though we see no actual rapes on screen. A movie i felt i was in my self and i could almost smell the stinking sweat of the people in the car, esspesialy the thugs_the cutthroats, including our favorit euro-thrash sleazbag; George Eastman. A desperat gang of thugs highjacks a car, holding the driver, a sick child and a random innocent woman as hostage. It’s a sleazy intense euro-crime/road-movie and a sweating hard-boild nerve-wracking thriller, where most of the story unfolds it self in the actual car. Great minimalistic and atmospheric soundtrack that is almost constant and very memorable. I watched the old Ancher-Bay dvd-release, where the other version of the movie is also included and is titled; ‘Kidnaped’. Dont know so much about that other verison, only that it is a some what milder version and inclueds some other sequences as well.

So! ‘Rabid Dogs’ is a more then worthy watch on a friday or saturday night with six or eight cold beers and a must-see for the fans the Euro-Crime genere. The ending suprised me bigtime and it was super badass. This is Hardcore!