JWD: Bloodstone: Subspecies II (1993)

Shit, im so bad at this, as you should know by now. Enjoying my last can of beer and shit.

Let me just start of this wack with informing you that this sequal starts right where the original ended, so if you are interested in this subject, you might wanna go read my ‘review’ of the first movie first. We’re still in Romania and shit, love that fuckness, just perfect locations and as i might have mentioned in the review of the first movie; the main vampire-dude, Radu, is just hardcore badass_he has the vampire factor 100 or what ever’s the shit right now, with his appearance, voice and character. Still that kinda more serious tone to it, like in the first movie that i hardly ever see when i spin a Full Moon Feature_but that just makes these movies very interesting. You know what’s kinda cool? There is a movie i watched on tv when i was in my early/mid teens, where a female vampire goes to a metal-night club and lures a trash-metalhead-banger with her steaming sexuality back to her lair. I’ve alwasy wonder what movie that was. To night i got my awnser; it was ‘Bloodstone: Subspecies 2! That’s so cool, been wondering like fuck for years_i even had a teori that it was Jean Rollin flick (i have about a dusin on dvd). Well, it was not Jean Rollin, it was a fucking Full Moon. I liked this sequal more or less as much as the first movie and this second movie had some slightly more urban locations in it. The ending was creepy as fuck if you ask me and very effective, i even remember it from when i saw i about twenty years ago or so. I guess you have a passion for music, and me who often mention what im listening to while typing; tonight im bumping Mr Hyde’s new album for the first time; ‘Evil Never Dies’. What have you been bumping tonight or watched? Wish i had more beer, dude!