JWD: Bloodlust: Subspecies III (1994)

Im so glad VHS Glitch is finaly on spotify. Listening to the ‘Night On The Dark Hill’-ep, to finish off the last beers with. A perfect listen after a movie like this.

Yes, this is some true-ass vampire shit! Not this Twilight stuff, that screams of metro sexual propaganda! But, yo, that Twilight popularity shit has toned down, and dude, it’s kinda sad really. I was never a Twihard, but me and my lady watched the three (or four) first movies when they came out, and we didnt’ hate them. I was never blown away either, though my point is; im not a hater. I must say; the Subspecies movies is really the best vampire movies that iv ever seen…so far. ‘Interviewing The Vampire’ is a good one, but they all (vampire movies) has alot to learn from the Subspecies movies. The third movie in this series also starts right where the second movie ended, so it’s actualy like we are watching a verry long movie, kinda cool. The few appearing vampires; ‘Radu’ and his mommy, which reminded me more of a witch, are actually very reliable in their characters and i really felt for Radu. I mean he’s like the hero and you feel and cheer for him more as the movie-series goes on. Another character we feel sympati toward is the local police man who also appears alot in the second movie. But this movie, i must mention, have actually some more chesse-feel to it, then the two first ones. But anyway dude; these are the best vampire movies i’v seen and it’s becouse of the amazing soundtrack, the Romanian castle-ruins and locations and last but not fuckin’ least; the character that is fucking ‘Radu’! Now that is a vampire!! Other vampires (movies) i know of that i like just as much are Max Schreck, the original vampire who stars in perhabs the most genuine vampire movie of all time; ‘Nosfuratu’ (1922) and also Bela Lugosi of course in ‘Dracula’ (1931). I have still not seen any Hammer-vampire films and that’s a shame. But this is hardcore cinematic vampirism.