Review: The Monk (1972)

When you see goats walking around in your church, it’s time to slow down your sins.

dvd“THE MONK” (Le Moine)

Director: Adonis Kyrou
Stars: Franco Nero, Nathalie Delon, Nicol Williamson
Distributor: Divisa
Runtime: 95 mins

“I take all the risks, and you’ll have all the pleasure.”


It’s in the 16th century. Father Ambrosio is one of the most respected and diciplined monks in the community. Suddenly his world collapses when a temptress in league with Satan gets him to drop all of his christian principles. Sin after sin takes it’s toll on the lustful monk. Finally the Inquisition gets him with all their torture and bonfires. But he gets one final request.


Why in the name of the great B-movie God haven’t I heard of it before? Found a dvd in a super market in Spain, saw it was Franco Nero and English spoken language. What a catch! It’s based on an old gothic horror novel from the 1796. It’s lacking moral and ends with a prolific attack on the chatolic church. Nero playing the monk as a…well…monk tormented by repentance. The screenplay is partially written by the great Luis Bunuel (who himself tried to make this movie twice). I thought it should delve into more sleaze, but the quality in every department is far too good. ¬†Absolutelly loved the ending. Would it been better if Bunuel had made it? Probably! But this is a b-movie page and I’ll give it a full score!