Review: The Last Hunter (1980)

Troubles in ‘Nam? Just send in David Warbeck…

dvd“THE LAST HUNTER” (L’ultimo cacciatore)

Director: Antonio Margheriti
Stars: David Warbeck, Tisa Farrow, Tony King
Distributor: Dark Sky Films
Runtime: 96 mins

“What can you do that helicopters, jets, tanks, can’t? You must be up to something special.”

THE LAST HUNTER, (aka L'ULTIMO CACCIATORE), 1980. ©World Northal Films
It’s 1973. Captain Morris is on a special mission deep in the jungle of Vietnam. Tormented by his friend’s death and accompanied with a bunch of crazed American soldiers he’s trying to reach his target without getting killed or losing his mind. It comes with a twist.

THE LAST HUNTER, (aka L'ULTIMO CACCIATORE), David Warbeck (right), 1980. ©World Northal Films
As you have “Spaghetti-Westerns” you also have “Macaroni-Combat”. This is one of them. Made by the director of “Castle of Blood” and the infamous “Cannibal Apocalypse”. It’s a surprisingly well made Vietnam flick. It’s well casted, gritty, also a bit gory and it’s keeping you pinned to the seat all the way. The cheeze I expected wasn’t there as much as first feared. Entertaining and nasty. It has borrowed some ideas from “Apocalypse Now”and “The Deerhunter”, but it’s fresh and stands fine on its own. Check it out!