JWD: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity (1987)

Wow, this flick was kinda badass after all. Second time i’v watched it, first time i didnt’ like it much. Glad i saw it again really, i might even have become a fan. Never the less; it’s a Fullmoon Feature!

Two extremley hot female slaves with incredible hot bodys to die for, crash-lands on a strange plante quite similar to earth and stumbles into some kind of fortress or pyramid of some kind, where the owner is a mysterious dark haired man in leather-pants with a fetish for trophy-hunting and who has two funny, but cool bulky androides_humbled to serve their’ master, but with a sudden desire for steamingly hot slave-girls from beyond infinity that teases (who problably were porn-stars in real life, or at least playmates_their’ just so oh…GOD, with VERY little clothes on and i just had to do the dirty deeds…c’mon, we’re all adults her…i recon).

But they are not alone as guests for this dark mysterious man, who they fear more then they desire (they might be hot, but that doesnt’ mean they are all that horny_these are though broads…space-feminists i guess), other humans have ‘crash-landed’ as well. Soon we have not only two extremley hot female slaves, but three, AND a brother (hmm…some romance maybe)? I really wonder why i gave this movie such a hard time up in my head after the first watch, i kinda dug it now, it’s a cool sexualy-weird Fullmoon sci-fi-ride. I really enjoyed the hardcore b-sci/fi-scenery that screams of Full Moon Features, both the indoor studio-locations and the actual beach that they used. It’s kinda funny and suspenceful at the same time, but with a corniness that never really goes away. I loved the androides and the outer space-zombies_ let’s call em’ astro-zombies (they’re only briefly features)_ and the Predator rip off-ish cavemonster with a cool treasure-case full of (space) firearmes. First time i watched it, it felt verry ‘narrow’ to me or ‘local, kinda. It still feel’s kinda ‘local’, but it’s never the less everything i mentioned above and perhaps even more. Gonna’ give it half a point more just because of the yummy delicioues ass belonging to the charater; ‘Daria’.