JWD: Joshua (1976)

A western b-production, starring one of my favorit badass/tough-guy actors and ladies man, the handsome black devil with the sigar; Fred ‘Tha Hammer’ Williamson.

Also known as ‘The Black Rider’, Joshua, is a minimalistic and gritty western that can appear a little spaghetti-ish, with the locations, the production quality and all the gun-figting carnage. But in other ways it’s not, You can clearly feel it’s an American production and there is even a sense of realness and authenticness to it. A gang of cutthroaths seeking chelter at some ranch, where there happens to live a young pretty wife with her husbond, and the dinner-scene and how it all just escalates was verry ‘alive and real’ to me; like this is the actuall real west and the scene i am watching has actully happend. The no-good thugs are convincing and nasty in their acting performence, as well as showing some their more compassionate sides; like feeling kinda bad about what they have just done and «knowing when enough is enough»…Well, like it helps. The cutthroaths rapes the young wife and shoots the rest of the household in the chaos and confrontation that escalates; which consit of the husbond (older fellow) and their houskeeper (i think it was)_an older black lady, before taking off on their horses-while taking the young wife (with an extreamly nice set of titts) with them. When the dust has all cleared, a Black Rider appeares, who happens to be our man; Joshua. The husband has survived and asks him to go after the thugs and get his wife back. And with Joshua, it has suddenly all become personal. Pretty good acting, though a little slippery here and there and good character-developments as well. And if i wanted to tell you how it all ended, i couldnt’; suddenly it was over, my face was all num and my corner table was covered with empties.