JWD: House (1986)

It was time to revisit the House, saw it for the first time about eleven years ago.

A quite well known American horror-comedi classic and much cared for_and yeah, it’s rad as fuck dude! We follow a young author which reminded me a little of Stephen King, that moves into his old auntie’s house who hung her self in her room. And he’s lost his son in that house too, gone missing, and his actoress-wife leaves his ass and shit after their son’s disaperence, though she’s not a bitch, but it’s all gotten a little to much i guess. He, the writer; Cobb, kinda unwillingly befriends he’s new neighbour who just happens to be a fan of his work (Georg Wendt) and i dug his character, made me laugh alot. His neighbour wants verry much to be one of the ‘big boys’ and he’s a little slimy and a little slippery, but i ended up loving his ass_my favorit character in the movie. And then all of a sudden we are watching a nam-flick, how badass is that, i mean like damn!! And the house is a passage as well to The Beyond with alot 80’s-rubber demons lurking in the shadows and…closets. What’s really stupid though; was the the hot female neighbour who just kinda leaves her young son in his hall, even though it’s quite clear that Cobb do not want to babysit. She’s just really pushy and the kid just cry his eyes out, he’s sceared as fuck in real life..poor little dude. And when shit couldnt get any more weirder, an old buddy showes up from the nam-days_sort of dry and kinda dead to. I of course love the locations, the 80’s-nostalgia and the actual house in House. It’s badass 80’s horror!