JWD: Four of the Apocalypse (1975)

One of the few Lucio Fulci westerns out there.

So, i had the fridge full of beer and i’v just re-visted this Fulci-western for the second time_Saw it at least seven years ago, stone-drunk, but i remember it clearly_remember loving it and havning big expectations to it. It’s a spaghetti western i know many spagetti-lover have seen, but it’s kinda unclear to me if most of them like it or not. Oh, well. I loved this movie the first time i saw it and i still love it_ it’s not like im gonna give a full score, but i find it to be a really fucking cool spaghetti western . It’s a quite psychedelic westen, thats a tiny smal sub-genre in western movies you know; ‘acid-westerns’. Especially among the european westerns and shit.

Well, a group of four strangers is forced out a hell-hole town that has been massacred (gory of course) and the sheriff dosent’ mind or do shit. We have one of my favorit Italian badasses as the main dude here; Fabio Testi (who gives perhaps one of his greatest perfomence in this gem_with lot’s of emotions, but to me at least, he also gives of heavy homo-erotic undertones) (…). Then we have the attractive and verry young prostitute that is expecting. Then we have a tradic and pittyful drunk, like a synical junkie_but he’s still a person of course and we get to learnd to love them for who they are and the better values the have deep within them self. And the last traveling member is ‘the negro’_suffering from schizofrenia, horrible dubbing and dialog…you know Fulci. They all are terribly dubbed by the way, maybe the all have the same virus. Out in the awesome wastland locations, they run into the evil psychopat-Hippie; ‘Chaco’, who is no other than another favorit Italian badass of mine, the one and only (self- worshiping); Tomas Millian and his character is just horrible, i mean like nasty_what a monster!! To sum it up and shit; a verry worthy spaghetti-journy, badass locations, interesting characters, lots of gore blood and sadistic violence, strange but verry interesting soundtrack_with a sort of Gram Parsons approache to it. And when they enter the the ghost-town in the wintery mountains, with the sort of mild grayish weather_that was a cool setting. It was moving to see all those desperat towns-men getting so emtional and protective about a newborn. A typical Fulci…western