JWD: Demons (1985)

I’ve just put on some Dance With The Dead and i have a few beers left and that band is instrumental and maybe that wont fuck with my consntration while trying to form a rèsumè on my latest movie-experience.

Lamberto Bava’s cult-classic; ‘Demons’; it’s a kind of a movie that goes down with glory. It loses, but goes down with dignity you know_kinda like Rocky in the first movie. It has worked it self up so hard that you just gotta respect it. Street Cred!! …I mean, B-Cred!!!

Interested to hear my personal drunken opinion on it then?? Well, it all start out so extremly Italian-thrash movie-like, like i was like..c’mon!! Who do you think you’re kidding with all those sorry-ass steriotypes…that doesnt’ work at all really, and they are all just so painfully awkward, and that’s the shit-it doesnt’ fool anyone into believing that this is an actuall good movie to take seriouesly what so ever. A bunch of people get’s a fucking golden-ticket by some kinda Terminator, sort of a mysterious gye that make our main-girl go a little creamy in her panties_ he’s kinda mysterious and badass and all that, but she doesent’ like to admit that to her self. Not that it matter, no romance there.. and he’s more like a pinhead dude, i guess. But anyway, she does meet a gye in the theater that she kinda likes; ‘George’, who dosnt’ look like no George at all, really (i know i’v seen him in other euro-thrash flix before though). But the actors are crap, the steriotypes are tragic and the plot…well…no comment. And so; why any dignity? The fucking special effects man, the gore, and the slime. Fucking brilliant and jaw dropping_and the synt and heavy metal music. I mean like; Billy Idol…Accept, uh, did’ they even have permission to use those songs? Well, who gives a flying shit? I sure dont’, and there was at least one other heavy metal band that i didnt’ recognized, but that i enjoyed verry much. And in ‘Demons’ we can also see that he is his father’s son; with some verry effective lightning work, locations and ,ok, ill try to sound a little sofisticated,; cinematography. Hey, i just popped another beer from the fridge and put on some Tesla Boy!