JWD: Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (1977)

Yes, a movie about a bed that consumes everything. You name it; people, flowers wine, cigaretts, foods and gangsters.

oh shit, man, i cant lie (im bad at it); this stuff sucks dude. The acting and the editing is the worst_it’s as wooden as my dad in law’s piles of firewood. The plot ?; a bed possesed by demons blood that eats…well at least this gem dears to be different, but it’s a failer if you ask me and i dont like being a dick. It’s kind of a bore-torture, where we get stuffed with tons of really unnecessary thought-dialog…i mean TONS!! please! I should go of to (Death) Bed now, but im drinking beer and listening to Necro. I did like the locations and the 70’s-girls_they got the most beautiful hair i’ve ever seen and im not sure if i wanna strok it nicely or sexualy abuse it you know. The white girls made me horny, but also the young black women, she’s fucking sexy, though it seems like every person in this movie is extremely out of place. It’s trippy though, i’ll give that. The music was wierd, minimalistic, but also kinda interesting. And yeah; the dude who lives in a painting, been sitting there bored, during the last 60 years, or was it 70 years he said, make up your mind. You like chilly-snacks and beer, I do! Im out, gotta piss.