JWD: Commando (1985)

I’v Just re-visited this much loved Arnie-classic which i’v havent seen since i was like eleven, now im in my thirties.

It got Some cheese here and there of course, but not that much really-it’s far from like ‘Blood sport’, ‘American Samurai’ or ‘American Ninja’ for that matter. I really really love Cinestalker (youtube), shuch a cool gye! But anyway, a daughters life is worth more than (at least) fifthy middle/south-american gerilja-lives. I know! I whould kill that amount of geriljas for my daughter too (if i had the skills, yes, and was a trained killing-machine). But a daughter is the most important thing ever!! Yeah, this classic got my father-fury burning!! The one-liners comes falling like..like coconuts (??) And It still holds up really and it’s still one of a hellish badass gory Arnie-classic, with a kickass syntish soundtrack! And his African-American chick-sidekick was a fuckin’ hottie, yes, be mine!! As i said; a hard-boild badass 80’s-action that still works like fuck and entertaind me big time. But never the less; still a simple Arnie-flick, but what more do you need, alongside a sixpack or two on a weekends-night?