JWD: Code of Silence (1985)

«The harder you hit em’, the better english they understand»…simple!!

A succsesful b-movie night with a few beers, only a few this time…but what’s a few.. It’s not like that i have seen tons of Chuck-Norris movies, but we’ll get there, i’v seen a few and i used to watch ‘Walker’ alot as a kid and ‘Game Of Death’ with Bruce Lee. But this Norris-flick i dont hear to much about among the 80’s action-lovers and that’s a shame. It’s a real good one; hard boiled and with a high body-count. Eddie (Chuck Norris), is a no-taking bullshitter_standing hard as a rock_detective, caught in a crossfire between two feuding Italian gangster families in Chicago, and to make matters worse; corruption within’ his own office. But you know Norris, and his intolerance for bullshit, it’s his main enemy! So he takes matters into his own hands as a one man army (…like always) and there is a young woman involved that the single, unmarried, no children-Eddie start seeing as his own daughter_so i actually feel sorry for the no-better knowing thugs who reckon Eddie Cusack is a guy who will stand aside and let tings slide. Really enjoyed this one and now im out of my dear fucking beer…Shit!! Well, going of to bed soon anayway. A true 80’s brutal urban action with thick nostalgia and urban outskirts-ish and slumish locations that i love, L-O-V-E in 70’s, 80′ and 90’s action flix. It’s nostalgic and just pure magic to see how these American cities ones looked like and I keep wondering how much of it looks similar today. Guess im out man. stay safe out there and take care, all of you! ‘BURRRRP’!!