Review: The Psychic (1977)

Zoom in, zoom out. Fulci really liked the zooming effect, but I’m feeling dizzy…

dvd“THE PSYCHIC” (Sette note in nero)

Director: Lucio Fulci
Stars: Jennifer O’Neill, Marc Porel, Gianni Garko
Distributor: Severin
Runtime: 97 mins

“I saw it like it was real, it was not a hallucination.”


Virginia has the gift (or curse) of extrasensory perception. One day she have a vision of a woman bricked into a wall alive, and all the details surrounding. Her sceptical husband don’t believe her at first, but when she finds a skeleton in the wall of one of his mansions, he gets arrested. She tries to clear his name, and at the same time her visions seems to tell the tale of another crime. One that has yet to happen.


Despite Fulci’s crazy zooming, this flick is one of his best. It’s a well constructed, and carefully built up thriller with a great twist. It’s got blood, but not the gorefest as we’re used too from his later flicks. But this has all what you’ll like in a good thriller and more (it’s a really cool soundtrack from Fabio Frizzi and friends). Are you a sucker for Italian thrillers, this is a must-see.