Review: The House (2016)

A haunted house which is a mix-up of a purgatory and a loophole. You can’t beat that feeling!

blu“THE HOUSE” (Huset)

Director: Reinert Kiil
Stars: Frederik Von L├╝ttichau, Mats Reinhardt, Sondre K.Larsen
Distributor: Another World
Runtime: 85 mins

“We can’t get out of here. The house will not let us go!”


It takes place during the German occupation of Norway in WWII. Two German officers and a Norwegian hostage are stranded in Norways midwinter wilderness. Before dawn they manage to get to a house. It seem abandoned, but the kettle and the radio is on. They settle for the night, but scary noises and sights mess with their minds. And it’s not easy to get out of a house that wants you to stay there…forever!


I did not expect this from the Norwegian exploitation director Reinert Kiil. Cheap production values and cinematography aside, this was fuckin’ awesome! It’s a brilliant idea for this kind of a horror flick. I’m used to get disappointed by Norwegian horrors, I can count on one hand the good ones. I’ve watched them all (well, almost…) and this will get on that hand. It’s scary, it’s original and it’s much more clever than expected. Well done, Kiil! Looking forward to your next feature. Recommended!