JWD: The Terror Within (1989)

Hey there! Here on B-Movies And Beer Mania we worship post apocalypsism. Or at least I do, how about you Martin??

This one’s got the Roger Corman brand; satisfied Martin??_which sort of makes it a minor sub-genre in it’s self you know. Kinda like Troma, Full Moon, Cannon or Orion-pictures or Jean Rollin, Jess Franco, Emmanuelle or Joe D’amato. Still with the b-movie drunk? Ok good, Fine! Fantastic, It’s amazing, hilarous! But shit’s aside. The earth has been cleanced by some kind of virus and these people are hiding down in an underground bunker out in the desert wastland. A pregnant survivor is rescued after her people have been killed by mutated monstrous humanoide creatures (and why is the rescued woman pregnant and gowing so fast you think…that old Corman…) and all hell breaks loose among our steriotypes down in the bunker. With out a doubt an Alien-ripp off and a charming one, but after all these years, why? Dosnt’ matter really; it’s post-apocalyptic, kinda gory with a badass looking underground bunker and dry wasteland awesomeness. It’s suspenseful and has characters you care about and of course those cool looking rubber-mutants, Corman style. My kind of b-shit!