JWD: Sleeping Beauty (2014)

Out of fucking beer and feeling like, oh well.

There is one reson i put on this flick and that was becouse of my #1 celebirty-cruch; Olivia d’abo, who is the wicked witch, but she has god-damn good reson to be pissed. You see, the king and queen actully ordered to get her husband and kids killed off. They dont tell you that in the actully fairytale, do they!? Well, my loving Olivia is not that much on the screen in this movie, but every time she apares she steales the show. And it really is the only reson why i was eger to check this one out. Olivia, baby; i’v been a die-hard fan since 2000 and i’ve always been in love with ya!! it’s a very typical Asylum movie, with the crappy production and it of course has to have the storyteller style, spoken in ‘ancient English’, since it’s a fairytale/fantasy movie and all. It’s an ok fantasy movie, it’s not total crap, but it sure didnt’ blow my mind either. Well…i aint got nothing more to say my friends! Had a dozen beers tonight and now im listening to the Greatest Hits (re-recorded) by Dokken and it fucking works. It actually sounds great!! I really hope that Oliva will make me her lover some day. Yeah, i drink beer in the evening, but im a hard working welder with a family also. She might just like that. I know im being creepy now, but i gotta say it one more time; Olivia, be mine!!