JWD: Krampus: The Christmas Devil (2013)

First i thought this was a mockbuster from i.n.t distribution, of the 2015-movie that was kind of a hit when it came out last christmas. Still havent’ seen that one-was more appealing to me to check this one out, but if i randomly come over a blu-ray of the 2015-movie before this christmas eve, i guess i’ll pick up.

I got what i expected from this movie; a true slippery modern b-movie with an agressive intense cheapness. But i still couldnt’ help my self from digging it, had a really cool time with it. Bad acting, but with a dedication and a verry good editing job. The story though, is true thrash, but i still liked it…for what it’s worth. The characters are still verry likeable, yeah, really liked em. An actor named Bill Oberts Jr who portraits a sleazy and sadistic child molester impressed me the most, he was good. And we get to see santa and shit (and oh, i mean HO-HO-HO; what a crappy Santa, like he has just been fired from some shitty mall_merry shitmas!…still liked him though). And Krampus looks fucking badass as hell, and he takes care of the naughty children, with permission from his caring and supporting brother; Santa Claus. Pretty cool christmas horror, at least better then most of the ‘Silent Night-Deadly Night’-sequals. Im sort of a die-hard fan of part-2 though_«Garbage Day»! To all a good night now, i promise i wont’ open another can of beer tonight, but i will go and facebook-jack off. Was listening to the horror-like NewRetroWave duo ‘Dance With The Dead’, while writing this ‘review’. And i now learnd that there is a sequal to this movie, a Krampus-2 and it came out this year_2016 (was searching the internet). Hope i’ll find it in some elektrostore, El-Kjøp sometimes have those crappy movies to an extreamly cheap price. May they always have those blu-ray’s to only 19 norwegian kroners, that’s why i visit those stores. Have a Merry Christmas everybody and remember to be good to each other!