JWD: Chernobyl Diaries (2012)

A b-horror movie that apparently alot of people have seen, but few say they like. It’s my second viewing actually and i ended up enjoying myself with a few beers and stuff, my girlfriend said it was ok…on a Monday night.

First of i wanna say why i chose to re-watch it, when i have plenty of dvd’s and blu-rays to go through that i havent seen and more or less only on weekend nights do i have the time to enjoy them. Well, it’s because i’v had that fascination for Chernobyl and the city of Pripjat for as long as i can remember. And not only that; im so fascinated with Eastern-European countries in general, being from Norway where we are kind of Americanised, while over in the Eastern-European countries, they are still_let us as say; verry hardcore-european. See my point? I have visited similar countries before, but never Ukraine or Russia, yet. I so wanna go there.

At first i hated, well hated is to strong of a word, but i really disliked the characters we are following, couldnt’ like them at all. I dont know why, they just appear as ‘hipsters’ to me and i just got the feeling that these gyes whould not be my first choise to heng out with_somthing about the chemistry, you know what i mean-you just cant’ love everybody. We follow four babyfaced Americans on an extreme-sightseeing trip over to the city of Pripjat and Chernobyl, together with two other random tourits; a gye with an Australian accent and his Norwegian girlfriend named ‘Zoe’ (which i recogniced right away as the actress; Ingrid Bolsø Berdal). I liked their guide into the city though, Uri; a typical Eastern Europen ruff-gye. I’ve worked with plenty of those dudes, working with steel and shit, there are alot of them up here (especially poles who works as welders, constuction workers and similar stuff). As they arrive the abandoned city and notice that shit isnt’ really all that cool after all, so did i start to like them more as well. And dude, i was really a DUFUS myself when i was in my twenties, still em right? I liked Chernobyl Diaries more after this second watch. The atmospher is creepy and unsettling, together with the outstanding post apocalyptic ghost-town locations, makes this a thrilling ride in ‘The Hills Have Eyes’-tradition. The mutants are cool and all; the mutated wild dogs, the river-fish and…the humans. But i feel that the story is extreamly thin and some of the turns this movie takes gives me an impression of «easy ways out» or simply out of ideas. I must credit the actors with that they seem really terrified and i felt the sense of terror, claustrophobia…and the reaktor. And i do hope for a sequal, please make one for us!