JWD: Airplane vs. Volcano (2014)

Dude…another asylum flick and my whole six-pack of ‘Kronenbourg-1664’ was gone before the movie was over. Clichès; you sick of them because they pop up everywhere? Well, it’s because they exist. Love, death, loss, remembrance, it’s real! …I hate clichès too.

I liked the black stewardesse alot, she’s a real hottie. She’s extreamly nice and looks extreamly hot and has a verry nice personality, she’s good wife-material and i would really like to have sex with her. Im a sexual guy! She’s on bord this passenger-plain who gets cought up in some minor volcanic apocalypse with volcanos popping up from the ocean. And arent’ they lucky to have another (always smiling) african-american (also kinda sexy) female volcano-expert on the ground. It’s like her smile alone will get them through this volcano-shit.

And then, when we suddenly start to relate to the characters in the movie, we suddenly get other bullshit-people popping up on the plane like they have always been there, just never to apare again… typical asylum. There is of course tons of cheese and awkwardness in this movie (Asylum-style), like the human releations between the characters and stuff that screams of sarcasm and irony, but somehow managed to touch and move some emotions in me anyway. The main hero in this movie is played by Dean Cain from the TV-show ‘Lois And Clark’, pre-‘Smallville’…for those of you who remember that 90’s Superman-show. I also recognized actor Graham Denman, who randomly pops up in some the videos to YouTuber; Wetmovie-1, who i’ve on and off have been following over the years. Cool gyes; Brandan, Graham and the whole Wetmovie-crew!’…the kids arent’ allright… AND Cheers!!