Review: Schoolgirl Hitchhikers (1973)

The script for this flick must have been a damn short one…

blu“SCHOOLGIRL HITCHHIKERS” (Jeunes filles impudiques)

Director: Jean Rollin
Stars: Joëlle Coeur, Gilda Arancio, Marie Hélène Règne
Distributor: Kino Lorber
Runtime: 79 mins

“Numbed by so much love, Jackie had fallen soundly asleep, but I was still too excited to sleep.”


Two young girls decides to spend their holiday hitchhiking, camping and have sex. They come to an old abandoned villa and decides to sleep over. But this is also used as a hideout for the criminal with the ugliest moustache the 70’s could offer. When some stolen goods goes missing, the criminal, his female boss and a dude with an ugly tie has to spank the truth out of the horny girlfriends. Luckily a stupid cop and his sidekick, a woman in some kind of schoolgirl-dress is on the case…


A silly little movie from Rollin. Not at all his most dedicated work. It just seem silly and hasty. He’s good when he’s good and awful when he’s not. I like his more “arty” imagery. Looks like the two girls in the lead enjoyed each others company though. Not my french cup of tea.


The quality is poor on this KL/Jezebel release. The picture is bleak and scratchy. It doesn’t offer any interesting extras either.