JWD: Tron (1982)

Beer in the system, just seen ‘TRON’ for the first time…i think i might have seen it as little kid in the late 80’s, at my nanny’s house. I now have one and a half can of beer left and feeling kinda funky, if you know what i mean. Im high, man. Im really high on beer.

Right now im listening to Vector-Hold, though i might switch to Tesla Boy soon, been listening to them for years now, and it’s about time order a t-shirt or something., or i might just switch to Power-Glove, which was the first NewRetroWave band i started listening too. Ok, we got Jeff Bridges who i remember mostly as ‘The Dude’, who dosnt’. Me and my old bud, that i’v always looked up to, Ketil, used to watch the Big Lebowski while heng over all the time . And Shit, i could write so much about The Dude, but, eh, nha!! I suddenly got in the Doors mood, but i’ll put some on Tesla Boy-long time no see. Just put them on and i got reminded on how much i love that band. Im a Teasla-fan!! But it also remind me of my girfriends swedish friend, also a friend of mine. She’s one of a kind-shuch a nice girl. Ok, let’s get somthing out of this. I can clearly see now that movies like; ‘Brainscan’ and ‘Aracde’ is inspired by this classic. And i really guess that movies like ‘Logens Run., ‘Roller Ball’ and perhaps even ‘Time Machines’ has infulenced this movie. I was really cought of gard you know-how good and interesting this movie was made, beeing lost in this dated video-game and all and. Well, TRON, must be every NewRetroWavers wet dream. If not…what the hell em’ i doing here, really. This is so New-Retro-Wave, i mean what fucking else dude. What did i miss out of . It’s as 80’s-futristic as it may become. It’s such a synical univers, but oh so fasinating. You know; like playing the first Mario-game; you wanna stay there for ever, but at the end of the day…well, not really. I loved Loved LOVED the landskapes, it’s breathtaking-larger the life! OH, feeling like a drunk b-movie guru that will crawl underneath the temple. Hey, hook me up, no? Well, allright.