JWD: The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

This classic, i guess isnt’ really a b-movie, though from today’s standar it is.

It’s very well acted by every one involved, but hey, it’s about 65 years old, one word…DATED!! I can really dig dated sci-fi junk, but there are certain stuff, dude, like where are all the babes!? These browds has about a ton of cloates on them and i dont like their dryness; like their hairstyle and are they sexual at all?? That’s improrten. A woman has to be sexual! My main problem, dear readers; are the seriousness. It’s so fucking serioues, and stiff. But that was the time, and it also a kinda rebelion against that shit, it’s exposing the steriotypicalness of the politics and the (Amercian) people of it’s time. It’s a very simple movie really, though also kinda loveable. It looks beatuiful on blu-ray and it does pay of, towards the ending_at least for me. It so very slow paced that it become kinda thrilling just to see the robot move away from the spaceship (freakin’ cool spaceship by the way). I liked it , though i didnt’ enjoy my self that much and i kept thinking about what it would be like if George Romero had dircted it (cool thought) or if Lucio Fulci had directed it or Jess Franco or Jean Rollin….Bruno Mattei…?? My main problem was that it’s kinda short on sci-fi- entertainment while it has a lot to offer on boring nothingness and human relations between individuals, though it is a movie with a message that can make you reflect on our own existence and vulnerability. But again, great acting, which tons of other b-movie the came later could have taken some teaching from. And good beer though; six pack of Grans-Premium, which after my knowledge, is the cheapest general-store beer here in norway, but with a verry fresh teast with a kinda sour beflavor. And my apologies to the ‘Earth-stood still’-fans. I guess it’s greatness is beyond my peak (A-boo)!!