JWD: Scalps (1983)

An early 80’s obscurity that has been a really hard find, even in the days of video-renting it was hard, if not nearly impossible, to get your hands on the uncensored version. I do think it has had a dvd release a few years ago, but now (in 2016), it has gotten a verry avaliable Blu-Ray and dvd release from 88-Films, and a good release.

I did hear about this flim maybe a couple of years ago and it got me curious right away, now i’v finaly seen it. Im a life long slasher-geek and my favorit time period is the early 80’s so….So who fucking cares!? Well, who the fuck em i kidding, of course you care, you’re probably a slasher-geek your self. I expected ‘Scalps’ to be extremly cheesy and low-budget and it is. It’s jaw-dropping cheesy_but it doesnt’ beat ‘Dont’ Go In The Woods…Alone!’ when it comes to the awkward cheese, but it’s pretty close to be honest.

We follow, can you guess…that’s right; a group, a science class of young adults who are heading out in the golden California hills to dig for indian bones at some ancient grave-site. But they shouldnt’ have done that, becouse they got warnings from the local loco; an old indian hanging out at a gas station telling them that the place is haunted by evil spirits of the ancients. And i know you allready know that we cant’ escape the steriotypes, oh sir no we cant’. It’s easiest really, if you let me analyse the most steriotypical of them all (im falling asleep here and shit); You know, the senitive girl who is an easy target for bullying by the rest of the group and who let her self be bullied, who keeps talking about how they shouldnt do this and they will anger the spirits and she has studied native-american culture and she’s beating sticks together and shit, crap like that. The rest of those steriotypes just kinda feeds on that one it all gives it self, know what i mean. I really liked the redhed one that was suposed to be a bitch, she was really kinda yummy. This seldom talked about cult-slasher is truly a garbage-like cheese fest that i cant’ even imagine watching sober, but it’s still worth while and i enjoy the ride alot and this is why; for ones, i loved the dry hot California scenery and locations and i was spell bound by the gritty quality of the picture, which i asume is becouse it was filmed on 16 mm. The soundtrack is truly badass, loud, eriee and syntish. The killings are truley satisfying and the native-american stuff that is going on and the make-up and spesial-effects truly stole my hart….i got slasher-pleased. Finishing off i gotta mention a couple seqences that got me kinda soft-harted. The gas station with loud traffic by the highway_kinda like a hidden away twilight zone and the mekanic and the old unimportant native american heng-around that gives the omens. And the rape scene that wasnt’ seposed to be in the film that the filmaker kinda regreted doing was one of my favorit sequenses. It’s in slow motion, it’s graphic, effective and the titts are great. And i almost forgot about the dialog; verry out of place and it just made me sweat, really. You think my reviews are crap? Well, if you bother to be so kind; look upon my reviews as crappy slashers like; ‘The Forest’, ‘Dont Go In The Woods…Alone!’ or ‘Scalps’ or a director like Jean Rollin Or Bruno Matai and maybe you’ll get some entertainment value out of it. So i guess i better explane myself, did i like it or not? Yes, i really enjoyed it…like when you smack a fly.