JWD: Nail Gun Massacre (1985)

Kinda drunk again, checking out the band; ‘Black Tomb’, but i might switch over to some Razakel, but listeing to dope words… like my favorit rapper; Necro, always takes away my conentration….Im horny on Razakel!

A Texas made thrash-slasher with alot of nice firm tits to get sexual frustrated too, smal town and backwoods atmosphere, well made and effective moderat gore-or shall we say blood, nice syntish soundtrack and a main-caharcter; ‘Doc’_that i couldnt’ care less about. Ok, he’s kinda a badass and with a mullet_but he’s like all the rest of the acting-crew (total crap!!) and i was like god, just vanish_every time he showed up on screen.

Gotta get that (hopefully) last beer, you know. A real crap-slasher that works and i enjoyd it with seven beers or so and im glad 88-Films have released it on blu-ray. What more is it to say about this minor cult-classic about a woman getting raped by a gang of happy construction-workers with her jeans still on and with an angel of vengenace dressed in motorcycle outfit, a robot-voice and a nail-gun? A verry stupid story if you ask me and with a kinda giallo approache and even though the ending suprised me, it made me sweat of awkawardness-even though i was alone. Totally alone. Like always… But never the less; very entertaining thrash.