JWD: Mother’s Day (1980)

So, why listen to the ‘Lurking Corpses’ when you can listen ‘Necro’ and why listen to Necro when you can listen George Jones, and why listen to ‘The Possum’ when i can listen my own country-playlist on spotify with almost five hundred songs of real country oldies gold and all that real underground shit!

Ok, we’re on and im so drunk and tired, im like shit right now! Ok, so a really good David Allen coe song came on that i love, but let’s just forget about that and let me just tell you that the song is called; ‘I’ve Got To Have You’, go check it out, been listening to Coe for years, have alot of memories to it…drinking. Solitude.

This Troma-lovelyness is so in the crossfire you know, i saw what kind of movies it was inspired by and what movies it did inspried. Know what im talking about??

Ok, ‘Mothers Day’ must have been inpired by; ‘The Last House On The Left’, ‘I spit On Your Grave’, ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, ‘The Hills Have Eyes’…and stuff and i believe it must have inspired; ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-2’, ‘Island Fury’, ‘Cannibal Campout’, ‘Eden Lake’, and probably other shit as well. And you know what i loved was goning on? Well, we follow this group of female friends that meet after ten years or so and they’re acting like it’s all fun and games with not a single worry in sight. I love that, when it’s all taken away, you know. I mean, of course i wish friends to feel well and have a lot of fun togheter-by all means, but please know that there are trouble, chaos and carnage out there. While camping the girls are so unfortunated to stumble upon, or get stumbled upon by two deranged brothers who rapes and kills women to impress their old bloodthirsty sick- in-the-head mother. It’s a darn cool horror movie with that American early 80’s nostalgia that i always appreciate so much and verry cool characters (only the killer-family that is, the rest are a little too awkward). Cool kills and video-violence!! Pretty gory and violent and the girl with glasses made me a little horny. TROMA-MOVIES OF THE FUTURE!