JWD: Mega Piranha (2010)

Yeah, slurping beers again!!

Shit, i just love Asylum man, and ‘Sharknado’..go to bed_’Mega Pirana’ is fucking badass! And well, ‘Sharknado’ is to, but for now i’v only seen the first one, but i also have the second one on blu-ray and will be watching it sometime soon i guess. To be honest i really dug the first ‘Sharknado’ movie and im looking forward to see the other ones.
But anyway, ‘Mega Pirana’ is about some escaped mutant Piranas, just like in the cult-classic; ‘Pirana’ (1978). Though these ones are growing like 50 times bigger. We start in Venezuela on a boat with a couple of political representatives from Venezuela and the U.S, discussing some sort of political issues that kinda bored me. With them on that boat are also half a dozen half naked Venezuela bitches with yummy asses…you know the deal! Then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose and our Piranas are heading up to the Mississippi and in to the ocean. A typical Asylum flick of the wet kind. Stupid over-serious acting, ridiculous awkwardly teories by embarrasing scientists (though i liked all of the caharacters) and charmimg CGI-effects (Asylum style). The intense soundtrack is forever going (typical Asylum) and why be so fucking deep-dug the shit, really did, but it’s stupid. Stupid fun!