JWD: Lurking Fear (1994)

Oh , bitch, dude, i feel like a such a drunk and i know i am, and i feel like alot of other B-movie dudes dont dig my shit! But i just have to respect that, i do!!

But hey, what an awesome B-flick, fucking FULL MOON!! such a fan! If you wanna suport them, you can order direct from Fullmoondirect which has alot of cool movies and replicas to offer.
Shit! Got alot on my mind i wanna talk about, like what im listening to right now, and what i wanna listen to later, but that’s just verry unintersting i guess, so im not gonna make a fool out of my self (at least not in this review). And i let’s just get something out of this bitch..Shit!!
Just gotta piss a little.

A thug in his thirties, a southern dude, has just been released from prison and has nowhere to go. He’s dad’s, a real prison-thug, is dead and the young man is led to his old man’s best friend; an undertaker which have a ‘treasure map’ that leads to a cemetery which is located in some real small (ghost) town…a really dead town.
We are taken to a ghost town, let’s see, let me read a little behind the dvd cover… Yeah; Leffertt’s Corner.
It gives off alot of ‘Tales From The Crypt_Demon Night’ (1995) vibes. Our dude is led back to a famile-reunion , he’s always been alone, but i guess i whould be more satisfied as a loner after all… then going back to a familie like he’s going back to. A typical good Full Moon Feature, with lot’s of that ‘larger then life’ Full Moon_atmosphere. You know the deal! Loved the location and the creature/creatures! Great Fullmoon movie, really enjoyed it!! Jeffrey Combes!!! Uh, shit_this is going nowhere. I reckond you’ll just watch the trailer..